Timestamp to label text

Hello All,
I am working with template that having 3 button with one single label. My requirement is if press any button that tag time stamp should display to the label text field.
Could any one please suggest how to get it done this.

Thank you.

All of the event scripts on the buttons should write the value from system.date.now() to a custom property on the template, then bind the label's text value to that custom property.

Ok . I will try. thank you .

It's unclear what role the tags play in this. Do you mean each button is somehow linked to a tag, and you want this tag's timestamp ?

What else do you do with these tags ?

Depending on a few things, I'd probably suggest a radio group to select a specific tag, then bind the label to that tag's timestamp.

Yes. buttons are linked with OPC tags. I am trying to get the time when exactly that button was pressed.

The time when the button was pressed is not necessarily the timestamp on the tag.

If you just want the time when the button was clicked, I'd put an expression binding on the label: now(0),
then use refreshBinding on the buttons' event.

But the whole thing smells like an xy problem to me. You should try to explain what you need to do with this.