Timezone Behavior

I have the Timezone set to Gateway Timezone. The time shown on the vision client at the gateway does not match the time shown on a vision client on my computer (EST vs CST). When trending in realtime, i’m then missing an hour’s worth of data and need to travel 1 hour into the future to see the latest data. Is there anything else I need to do so that my client would be in sync with the gateway?

Timezone Behavior The Vision Client can emulate any timezone. By default, it will appear to be in the same timezone as the Gateway Timezone . This has the effect of all Clients behaving the same, regardless of the timezone setting on the Client’s host operating system. Depending on your project’s requirements, this may not be optimal. You can have the Client use the host’s timezone by choosing the Client Timezone option, or you may specify any explicit timezone for all Clients to emulate.

Since Ignition uses java.util.Date to pass timestamps around, and they are UTC milliseconds under the hood (serialized on the network wire), having an hour difference on charts means the two computers truly don’t have a matching understanding of the true time.

Browse in the designer to the system tags for local time and gateway time. If the hour difference shows up there, one of the two computers’ clocks is misconfigured.

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Just to confirm, I should look at Gateway\CurrentDateTime (Thu Apr 28 10:53:43 GMT-06:00 2022, TimeZone GMT-06:00) Client\System\CurrentDateTime (Thu Apr 28 08:51:15 GMT-06:00 2022). Under User I see Timezone America/Chicago.

So, which clock is right? They can’t both be. Note, the project’s timezone setting won’t magically make the client’s clock correct, it only tells the client what timezone to convert to for display. That part is clearly working correctly, as both variables show “GMT-06:00”.

I’m currently on EDT, so my localtime is:

$ date -R
Thu, 28 Apr 2022 10:57:55 -0400

That makes me think your gateway’s system clock is the culprit.

I believe it to be the gateway. I hate using daylight savings times on units but the customers want to see the current time.

It shouldn’t matter. Ignition is using UTC under the hood. Java converts to/from localtime for strings to display and parsing strings for input. Just make sure all computers involved have the correct time for their timezone.