Timezone currentime

As of this morning, currenttime is being processed as GMT. Project properties are set to gateway timezone. If you doubleclick on the gateway currenttime tag, it displays GMT. Server time is local time.

This issue appears to have happened after an 7.5.5 update.

What version of Java are you using?

1.6.0_31 on gateway
1.7.0_11 on client

What is the server time set to? Is it set to (UTC -05:00) Eastern Time? It looks like it is currently using UTC [GMT +0:00].

The server is set to UTC -05:00. Rebooting the server fixed the issue. Perhaps something was being held in the Java cache?

Its possible, I have only seen a similar issue one other time, but it had to do with a very old version of Java 6 being installed. The issue persisted even after Java was upgraded, but they never installed the old version. The only other thing I can think of, which is not likely, is if the date and time was modified in the registry of the OS, then it would not take affect until a restart of the system.

Glad to hear you got the issue corrected.