Timezone incorrect on Windows XP (Solution included)


Disclaimer: Why I am using Windows XP is not something I am proud to be reporting and hopefully that will be addressed in the very near future.

This is more of a Java/Windows problem however steps can be taken by Ignition to help alleviate any potential issues.

techtavern.wordpress.com/2010/04 … indows-xp/

Essentially the means by which Java determines the timezone by querying the underlying operating system on Windows XP is potentially flawed. Other systems may be affected but I have no data.
I had my system timezone set to +1000. Ignition and a quick run of the mill Java program both returned -0300. To fix this, I changed the system timezone to something other than the current setting and then back again without a restart in between. Afterward both Ignition and the Java test program read the timezone correctly.

That article however recommends that if you can’t trust the system, you should implement a properties file to be loaded at start up which can set the timezone explicitly. Similar functionality has been implemented in Ignition using the ignition.conf file I presume using the wrapper variable wrapper.java.additional.XX and the java parameter -Duser.timezone=correct_timezone_id.
I personally don’t like the idea of using wrappers to set these types of parameters and would prefer a standard properties file or even XML file, but whatever works, works.