Tint Color

I have an image that I got from the built-ins… I have bound a value to the tint property to change color on a condition. In the designer, I can look at the screen using the preview function and the tint color changes as desired. I have saved and published my project. Then I launch the project and look at the screen in the client, and the tint color does not match what is in the designer. It changes color, but only in grayscale. I have resaved and republished and closed the client and re- logged in… style have the same results. Also… sometimes on the client, have I have a PEN in on an easy chart that won’t draw. I can open the window in the client and the PEN will be there drawing… then other times it will not show up. The data for this PEN is coming from an expression and right now its just a fixed value so it should just be drawing a straight line.

Any ideas?

Oh yea… the client I am using, is the same computer that the gateway is running on.

Ignition 7.2.4

These issues don’t sound related to me. I’m not coming up with any great ideas - it might be a good idea to call in and demonstrate this to us over GoToMeeting.

How is your tint color changing but only in grayscale?