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I’m trying to design a project. I have put couple of docked windows and tried to change the title of the windows. However for some windows, even though I have changed the title, it is still displayed as ‘Docked Window’ everywhere and hence I’m unable to navigate to specific pages. Please help me in resolving this.

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The “Navigation” window has a TreeView object containing the information to display in the sidebar. For that TreeView, the information only comes from it’s dataset, not from the window’s properties. So you need to edit that TreeView.

You need to right-click on “Docked Window” and then select Rename.

The name of the window and the window title are two different things. Changing the window title does not change the window name.


I tried to change the window name using ‘Rename’ option and saved the project. However, the name is again reverted to Docked Window. What could be the problem? Pls help.

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Hmm. I’m stumped. At this point, I suggest you call support and do a screen sharing session with them.

Must hit “Enter” after changing name, clicking out/off or anything else it don’t stick.

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Thanks a lot Jim…That worked. :thumb_right: