Titlebar font popup

Excuse me, I’m running my project on two screens, (1920x1080) and (3840x2160), eh popido modify the size of the title bar but the size of the letter I could not do it. my project I worked it in (1920x1080) and I put a script for the redimension a (3840x2160)

a= system.gui.getScreens()


EDIT: I’m not sure if you’re talking about a component font (font in title bar you create in a window) or the window frame title bar text. This addresses the former, not the latter:

You’re trying to change font size in scripting? Something like this (shows some other sizing and positioning that may be needed along with changing font size, depending on application):

# Get handle for component.
label = event.source.getComponent('label')
# Scale font from base size of 12 and existing font characteristics.
font = label.font
scaledFont = font.deriveFont(12 * scaleFactor)
# Scale font container height from base of 16.
scaledHeight = 16 * scaleFactor
# Update component font.
label.font = scaledFont
# Update component height and Y position (you could also adjust width and X position, if needed)
system.gui.transform(label, newHeight = scaledHeight, newY = 4 * scaleFactor)

I mean the text of the window frame

I’m not sure what platform you’re on, but have you considered HiDPI settings?