To retain text field size in template

Hi I was searching the forum about the solution to the following design requirement but couldn’t find any positive solution.
As seen the in the following template, there’s string at the left as description, a text box in the middle as data entry, a string at the right as engineering unit.
When placing the template to the main screen and stretching it to fit the window size, I want the retain the width of the data entry text box and the right PVEU string, but the left description string can stretch to fit the actual width.
I tried various anchor options, but none of the combination can retain the text box width.

Can anyone help on it?

Many thanks

First, make sure that the actual template is set to ‘Enable Layout’. Second, set the long label to anchored layout, pinned to both the left and right (and probably the bottom. Finally, anchor the numeric label and engineering units to the bottom and the right. End result should behave like you want:

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