To Understand Ignition Licensing


I have attached the Hub and spoke architecture from Online Manual. To understand how licensing works, I wanted to know,

  1. How many Server License has be utilized in this architecture ?
  2. In architecture for local SCADA site a data logging boxes are used, even that is considered as server license ?
  3. Apart form Centralized Enterprise license. To install just a 2 essential module in a site, do I need a Ignition Server Platform license once again?

Thanks in advance…

There are a total of five licenses in this example. The data logging box is, in essence, a gateway so there is a license involved.

As to your third question, I’m not sure I understand the question. But it may help to state that anything that runs a gateway service needs a license.

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Licensing is really about what you want Ignition to do, and where you want to do it from. Wherever an Ignition module runs is considered a ‘gateway’. You can have a gateway run a single module such as a PLC driver and nothing else. In that instance it’s just an OPC-UA server. Helpful when bridging to isolated PLC networks or when dealing with redundancy. Or you can have a gateway run high-level modules such as reporting, EAM, to help spread the load across multiple Physical or Virtual computers/desktops.

You can also run everything on a single server, may or may not be recommended depending on the overall size of the project and what you’re trying to achieve.

The key thing to remember, just buy what you need for where you need it to go.

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Thank you @Paullys50 & @JordanCClark ,