We are using toBorder function to have custom title from binded value.
It works fine but MainColor and BackgrounColor goes allways same?
It seems to follow MainColor.
So we would like to have Gradient fill but now it looks solid.

Tommi Vahtera
THT Control Oy

It works for me. Did you forget to set the style to a gradient style? Why don’t you post the toBorder code you’re using here so we can see it.


Look the attachment, I did first row’s borders with border chooser tool and then I copied the component next to original one. You can see that the border changes.

Second row’s borders use this code from manual: toBorder(“paneltitled;Options;1;lightgray;gray;0;;;(0,255,0)”). There is no difference after copypaste.

Last row’s component uses this code: toBorder(“paneltitled;Test;1;(255,0,0);(238,236,232);6;;;(255,255,255)”)

We are trying to create a component with binded border which uses same border style which is on the first row’s left component.

Thanks for the detailed description. This was a bug in the toBorder expression when parsing out the background color. It has been fixed and will work in the 7.1.7 release.