Toggle Button Control Value in Nested Template Not Working

Hello, I am having a peculiar issue. I have a UDT with an instance of another UDT as a data type within.

The OPC tag, “ma” has an OPC tag path built dynamically from other parameters. I am trying to bind a 2-state toggle button’s control value within a nested template to this OPC tag and it works – I can see the state of the control value change when I toggle the instance of the nested UDT, (I check the instance of the OPC tag and the correct state of the toggle button is visible)

but pressing the toggle button does not change the state of the OPC tag (I press the toggle button and the state transitions but the OPC value stays the same)

I have set up the binding in the following way:
Lowest level template has template parameter “ma” which a boolean datatype. The toggle button’s control and indicator values are bound bidirectionally to the “ma” template property. In the template that the lower level template is dragged in to, (higher level template) I bind that template property to the “ma” property (Nested UDT boolean).

Maybe I am missing something fundamental here, but it works the one way (changing OPC value changes state of toggle), so I know that the property is bound. Why is it not working when I press the toggle button? Is there some additional setup I need to do with the toggle button?

You need to set the binding ‘bidirectional’ to tell the toggle button to “push” changes back to the OPC tag, not just “listen” for values from it.

Ah, how did I miss that checkbox?! Works now, thanks.

While we are on the topic, is this considered a good way to achieve this sort of functionality? I have read concerns about UDTs and templates and slow load times, but the ability to dynamically bind OPC tags to template buttons without any scripting is pretty cool, so I like the way this is working.