Toggle button for display property loses chart data

I have a toggle button that is bound to the position:display property of two time series charts.

Upon initial loading of the view, the data is displayed correctly in the time series charts. One of the trends uses historical data using a tag history binding with start and end date selectors, while the other is setup for realtime data using a tag history binding with 30 second polling. You can initially adjust dates, and the data in the trends adjusts based on the date.

Whenever the toggle button is used, the charts seem to lose their data. The charts appear and disappear as intended, but the data trends are blank. The only solution I have found so far is to setup a script to Refresh the page whenever the toggle button is triggered.

I have tried setting up a property change script that fires when the toggle button is triggered that sends out a message to refresh the bindings on the charts, but it does not seem to work.

Has anyone run into this? Any ideas that do not involving scripting a page refresh would be great.

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