Toggle button margin no longer moves image

I’m working on an upgrade from Ignition 7.9.10 to 8.0.10 (on a test server for now).

In 7.9.10 we have used the margin property of a Toggle button to control the position of an image on the button. This doesn’t appear to work in 8.0.10, although text in a toggle button does change position depending on the margin.

Is this known behavior? Is there another way to control the position of an image in a toggle button? The image was placed using the ‘Image Path’ property of the toggle button.

Toggle Button in 7.9.10. The label is a separate component on top of the toggle button.

Toggle Button in 8.0.10

For anyone who lands here in the future it turns out I’m just partially crazy. What I described was happening and persisted on copies of that button, but when I created a new toggle button, it behaved as I expected it to; changing the margin did move the image.