Toggle Button mysteriously writing "" to dozens of tags when clicked

This is difficult to explain but I’ll give it a shot. All of a sudden (it was working before, but I’m not sure what changes were made to it that I didn’t do) I have a toggle button that is trying to write “” to the rest of the tags in the UDT.

I have one UDT with a couple dozen OPC tags in it. I’m trying to control one of them. This toggle button is in a template, which has the UDT instance passed in. The toggle button “Selected” property is bound to this one tag in the UDT as a property binding (“MTR.MTR::ocmdRunFwd” in the property tree text address). When I press this toggle button, it tries to write “” to everything in the UDT. Why would this happen?

When troubleshooting, I’ve found that, luckily, if I use an indirect tag as “{1}/ocmdRunFwd” where {1} = the TagPath from the Meta of the UDTProperty, it will work just fine. So, I’m using this for now, I’m just baffled by the original issue and would like to resolve it so I can use that binding method in the future without this issue.