Toggle fullscreen mode through a button in app

Hi there,
I'm looking for a way to switch to fullscreen mode on my perspective app so that the operators have no access to the browser settings. I want to trigger the event on a button click. What properties do I have to use to do that ?
Thank you.

I doubt there's any built-in way to do that.
Probably not even a supported/clean way, actually.
And maybe no way at all.

I heard it is possible, it's just that I can't get the information.
kiosk mode?

onyl works with the workstation app tho, if you use a browser its not possible

I believe if you use Workstation, there is an option to switch between Kiosk mode and Windowed mode through an action - I haven't tried this myself yet, though.,Workstation%20Mode%20Action,-The%20following%20feature

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Perspective allows for it via the Fullscreen Action. Note that there is no scripting equivalent because browsers require this action be DIRECTLY triggered by a user action. You should also note that by design - the browser will always allow a user to escape fullscreen mode by pressing Escape.


So there is no way to block in fullscreen mode ?

No. Browser security requires that a user always be able to escape any override of default behaviors.