toInt, toLong Inconsistent Results

Ignition 7.9.4

Attempting to use toInt to enable a button when an integer has been typed into a text box. If the user types 1234-a, this function returns 1234, not the fallback value.


Looks like our type-casting just strips alpha characters when attempting the conversion. I’ll let a dev answer whether that’s expected behavior or not - but in the meantime, you could use a Formatted Text Field to restrict which input characters are allowed.

Option 2: add a custom property (something like isInt, or whatever makes sense for you) to check if it really is an integer:

{Root Container.Text Field.text} = toStr(toInt({Root Container.Text Field.text}))
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We’re using Java’s NumberFormat to do the parsing, and it strips out anything that doesn’t look like a number. So yeah, intended behavior.