Too many clients - login issue

I have a new server and a new project. When logging in more than one user, I get the message too many clients logged in. In the project properties I changed limit concurrent connections to 15 but that didn’t make any difference.

How can I resolve this?


Do you have a single client license or something?

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Hi Kevin,
Where would I find that?

I think I found it, and yes I believe that’s what the issue is. Our license for Vision says limited 1 Client.

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@Kevin.Herron I think I remember reading somewhere that even with a 1 Client license, you could have two Clients open if one was running on the same machine as the gateway. Is this correct or am I confusing this with something else?

@Stuart that sounds familiar but I don’t know what product or license type it’s associated with.

Edge Panel operates with the “one local, one remote” functionality. Not sure if single-client Vision licenses operate the same, you’d have to ask your sales rep.

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@Stuart I can verify our Vision limited single client licenses allow one client running on gateway plus one remote. This allows testing changes in a staging client while the production client is in use.