Too many open files... linux file descriptors

I’ve recently been experiencing hard lockups on linux clients used for line display of ignition screens. These screens generally auto rotate every 10-20 seconds and each screen subscribes to around 3-400 tags. After varying amounts of time the client just freezes. Network card wont work, cannot plug a keyboard in and REISUB, the only thing to do is to pull the power.
I’m running a client now and managed to actually see it just before it totally froze:

So I’ve found out that Ubuntu defaults to 1024 open file descriptors per process. I have increased the limits as per lots of posts on the internet, but this is usually done on servers, I’m just running a client here and am wondering why Ignition is needing so many open file descriptors?
I’m using system.nav.swapTo in my scripts for auto rotating through multiple windows, so I’m wondering if each open and close of the main window opens a whole bunch of connections which may remain alive for too long?

Anyone else had to raise the open files limit on Linux clients?
I’m still testing to see if this actually fixes the problem so if anyone has any other ideas or experience please let me know.


** If anyone searching has the same problem and needs to know how to increase the file descriptors:
Edit /etc/security/limits.conf and add:

[code]* soft nofile 65535

  •            hard    nofile          65535[/code]

I just read your post, and wondered if this solved your problem?