Too many sessions on Ignition OPC UA Server


I am trying to connect to the Ignition OPC UA server (standard Gateway not edge) from a remote machine with an UA Client. I tried with UAExpert and i have a BadTooManySessions error on UaExpert Log.

Is there a configurable limit on the number on opened sessions on the Ignition OPC UA Server?

Ignition version 8.0.13


It’s not configurable but it defaults to allowing 100 sessions… sounds like you might have bigger problems here.

I noticed that the authentication settings was wrong: I should use an User/Password but if i configure the session to Anonymous i have the TooManyOpenSessions message. So it is normal the session is not opened but the error message is wrong.

Sounds like what happens when a control system is exposed on a public internet address....

Who has said this server is exposed on a public address? No it’s not for sure.