Tool finder question on perspective

I am trying to make a webpage on perspective to locate different tools. Its supposed to have a enter text component and a search button. The text is where you type in the tool number and then press the search button. My question is I how may I be able to bound properties/ tag to querry the data from the database? I'm really new on ignition and im really struggling with this project. Any help would be greatly appreaciated

Do you have the layout (components) already built in a view? Can you attach a screenshot?

What about the Named Query to return your tools? Where will the tools be displayed when the Search button is pressed?

Learn how to do this in stages.

  1. Write a Named Query to get all the tool data from the database. Test it.
  2. Create a Perspective View (flex view is best) with a table on it.
  3. Create a binding on the table's props.dataSource. Select Query Binding, select your named query and OK.

Report back when you've got that working.

What exactly do you mean be "locate" them? As in, you have a database table with your tools in it and you want to filter the table to show only your search tool? Or you have tools graphically played out in Views and you want to open the view that your search tool is on?