Tool Tip Interfering with Click


I am using the standard Alarm Status Table on Ignition 8.0.1 however the tooltip is coming up so quickly and blocking my ability to click on the following items. I have noticed this happening elsewhere since we have upgraded to ignition 8. I am wondering if this is a known bug or if there is something I can do to work around it?




Assuming this is in Vision, something like this in a client startup script might do the trick (untested):

# Set tool tip delay to 1500 ms.
from javax.swing import ToolTipManager
tipManager = ToolTipManager.sharedInstance()

As @witman suggested, this would indeed increase the tooltip delay from the default of 750ms to 1500ms. The reason the tooltip is in your way in the first place is the component placement against the edge of the Window; moving the component up and/or to the left 10-15 pixels should remove the issue (maybe more if you’re only moving to the left, as the tooltip length could then be a factor).

Thanks for your help. That worked a treat!