Toolbars in designer

I have mucked up my tool bars. I want to get them back to normal/clean.
How do I do that?

and the check boxes don’t seem to work for showing or not showing toolbars

Try View → Reset Panels

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Tried that.
The reset panels worked on the panels, but not the toolbars.

I have two projects open.
I am getting some odd behavior with the toolbars.

For some reason, if I right click the toolbars, I am not getting getting results from clicking the check boxes to toggle some off or on.

I restarted the designer though, and that reset to having just the perspective toolbar on.
Then I checked the main tool bar as well.
It is back to normal looking.

If you hover over Reset Panels it will tell you that it should set the toolbars back to default as well as the panels. If it didn’t, then your designer was in a bad state, or maybe there is a UI bug.

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what is wrong with the toolbar tho? its been like that for me always xd

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Maybe you are trying to see panels from Vision in Perspective and vice versa. Reset would seem to do nothing.

I was showing how I wanted my toolbar to be.
I didn’t show the cataclysm of my toolbars.

then what does your toolbar look like?

well after the restart and turning the main toolbar back on, it is back to normal.
I am trying not to mess with it. Had two rows, almost all grayed out, and on the right side.
The check boxes for turning them on and off wasn’t working.
I don’t know what happened.

ah i see… i did something terrible xD
you can drag around the toolbars. probably somthing happend there

shudders never again


Right clicking on any of the toolbars gives you a few options.

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Resetting the panels brings back all the toolbars. Clicking into another area properly displays tolbars as normal.

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Resetting and toggling didn’t work the first time.
I was hitting reset, toggling toolbars, and restarting till it worked.

I am receiving an update to Ignition I was told on a side note, no more 8.1.0 for me after that.
Might be a month or two yet though.
(hate change, dread all Windows updates)


Push for Linux for the Gateway at the same time :slight_smile: Seeing as how long it’s taken you to fight for getting off 8.1.0, I can’t see that convo going down well


What is the benefit of using Linux?
( I don’t know Linux beyond IT work in University giving us the commands to do some boots and replace some dupe machines, and the commands installed windows lol )

Windows uptime is measured in weeks and months. Linux uptime is measured in years. Choose an LTS version of Linux and updates will rarely (if ever) be required.

Higher stability, fewer conflicts, more control. No license cost.

@pturmel , @AlThePal , etc, can expand further, I have less experience with it than them

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Should be a new topic, @zacharyw.larson. Probably should distinguish between Linux Servers versus Linux Desktops/Workstations, and versus Linux for HMIs.

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My toolbars got all messed up again. I was trying to get the drawing tools to show again so I can figure out something Nader was doing with drawing and just messed up my toolbar. Reset does take effect without restart for me. Now on 8.1.19.

I use Microsoft Windows.
I toggle toolbars and restart the designer to fix the issue still.
Toggling the toolbars doesn't seem to take effect for me till at least a restart or two.