Tooltip date type .format ,How to use

I am not able to show the x-axis value in tooltip of my trend as required.
I put the tooltip as you see :
{name}:{dateX.formatdate("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss")} [Bold]{valueY.formatNumber("#,###.0")}[/] Cases

The x axis is date type, it just shows the date without time in the tooltip,although the x axis is datetime.

How to fix this ?

I figured out quite a bit of this stuff and posted it all here:

{dateX.formatDate('dd:MM:yyyy HH:mm')}
working after using this ,many thanks

I don't think that is a standard date format in any lingo. I fell foul of this in the past due to ignorance. It seems to be usually dd/mm/yyyy and yyyy-mm-dd. Colons are reserved for hh:mm:ss. It might be worth checking.

thanks, I fixed it