Tooltip in perspective

Most client ask for standard tooltip in perspective. I try to create tooltip with mouse event and a simple popup (without any title bar) but the end result is not good for three reasons :

1 - I can’t setup some delay after mouse over object to show tooltip.
2 - Move over mouse over tooltip cause Mouse leave event triggers for object and it closes the popup.
3 - Repeating those setup for each object is really time consuming. (mouse events, popup,…)

So I believe it is only can done in core functionality of perspective.
Is anyone have better idea to create popup?
Or is there any plan to finally add this feature?


Tooltips are definitely on the agenda to add first party.


Any estimation?
I hope not until release of in 8.2.0.

The Numeric Entry Field has a tooltip built-in. I hope its implemented in a better way than that. Because, Numeric Entry Field tooltip. Doesn’t work well in a pop-up.

I hope its implemented in a more succinct and global way way.

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