Top border of selection box in ChartRangeSelector doesn't show up in 8.1.x

It seems in 8.1.x the Top border of the selection box in ChartRangeSelector always hidden.


I submitted a bug ticket regarding this :+1:

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A workaround to get that pesky line visible would be editing the the theme of your Perspective project (by default it is the light theme) located in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\modules\com.inductiveautomation.perspective\themes .

Edit the CSS file and add the following lines:

.ia_brush > rect:last-of-type {
    transform: translateY(1px);

Then you may also need to clear you .ignition cache.

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Thanks. But do you plan to fix it by default in 8.1.6?

Still to be determined at this time. I will update this thread when/if a stable version includes a fix for this.