Topics collector in MQtt fx

Hi guys, i am new to all this MQtt business, and i wanted to do some test. So i have Ignition installed on my laptop, and Mqtt fx also installes. I have 2 transmitters - see below

I want to be able to subscribe to the data from Mqtt fx. I have seen thise topic collector , and when scanning, it finds this as a topic

So, when i subscribe i can see the values from Sample Tags.

I was trying to subscribe to the other tags, from My Group MQTT , but i can’t get the topic right.

First, i want to understand how did Mqtt Fx found this topic:


I presume it is somewhere defined in the engine, but not sure how to find it.

So, is it following this format?

And if that is the case, i have tried this for subscribing to the other group:

Namespace = spBv1.0
group_id = My MQTT Group
edge_node_id=Edge Node b5937c
[device_id]=PLC 1

I have based it off the engine folder structure, but it does not see to work

So can someone give me a hint on how these topics are created?


Hi, i have the exact same question. Did you find out? Or is there anyone else in here who can help me out? :grin: