Totalize runtime and Daily Flow Average and Hourly Flow Average

I'm trying to create Totalize runtime and Daily Flow Average and Hourly Flow Average.
New in Ignition

totalizer_tag_path = "[default]Tags1/Totalizer_Tag"
data_tag_path = "[default]Tags1/Flow_Data_Tag"

def update_totalizer(tag, previousValue, value, quality, timestamp):
# Get the current totalizer value
current_totalizer = system.tag.readBlocking(totalizer_tag_path).value
#current_totalizer =

Calculate the change in data value

data_change = value.value - previousValue.value

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    # Log the current values
    system.util.getLogger("Totalizer Script").info("Current Totalizer Value: %s", current_totalizer)
    system.util.getLogger("Totalizer Script").info("Data Change: %s", data_change)
    # Update the totalizer value
    new_totalizer = current_totalizer + data_change
    system.tag.write(totalizer_tag_path, new_totalizer)
    system.util.getLogger("Totalizer Script").info("New Totalizer Value: %s", new_totalizer)

# Subscribe to the data tag changes
`system.tag.writeBlocking(data_tag_path, update_totalizer)`