Touch Screen issues with workstation


I am using ignition on Linux Mint and i have problems with touch screen.
When i use perspective workstation i am unable to click on buttons.

for example i can’t click on “Upgrade Now” Button when it appears, and in my project i use button for navigation and it looks like my script never trigger. However when i use Web browser everything works perfectly.

Any help ?

Thanks in advance.

You use ‘on action performed’?

I tried onAction performed, onMouseClick and onTouch.
but i have the same problem when i am in Workstation i can’t manage my project, open settings… or click on button to upgrade when it appears

In the chromewebbrowser when you open the inspect (ctrl+shift+i) you can then simulate touchevents with your mouse(ctrl+shift+m)
does everything work in there?

Everything is good from the chrome web browser, the problem only occurs with Workstation

If you simulated touch events in chrome like i explained then im guessing your touchscreen isnt working xd