Touch screen keyboard does not pop-up on Text Area component


I upgraded from V7.7.3 to V7.8.0.
The Text Area components no longer pop-up the touch screen keyboard when the user touches the text area.

This seems similar to the post
that was an issue on a previous upgrade.

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Not sure how much this helps but I tried what you are having a problem with, created a text box and lunched the client, now my case my client goes straight in and doesn’t ask for user or pass so I logged out and when I did as you see in the picture you get an option to have it change to touch mode, when I clicked that and logged in when I clicked on the text box the keyboard popped up right away.

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Thank you for the quick reply.
The component that I’m having the issue with is the “Text Area” not the “Text Field”.

I added the following to the mouse pressed event handler as a work around.

event.source.text = system.gui.showTouchscreenKeyboard(event.source.text)

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Sorry for the misunderstanding. I went back and tried the same method with text area and It worked same as text field. I don’t know what cases your issue, one thing I know is if I don’t click on the touch mode in login menu the keyboard will not pop. Anyways if you found a fix for the problem great.
OK just had another thought, might as well check it out, in the designer go to:

menu bar -> Project -> Properties when the window opens look under client -> General

see if either touch screen options are enabled. Try enabling both and save and try it that way and see if it works. this way if It works you don’t have to use that script line every time you make a text area. Let me know how it goes.


Thank you for the reply.
I did verify that both the “Touch Screen Enabled” and “Active on Startup” are checked.
The application is completely touch screen based and all other components (tab strips, buttons, drop downs, text fields, power table click event scripts) work just fine. The only component that stopped working after the upgrade from V7.7.3 to V7.8.0 is the text area component.

Looking at your screen shot of the Project Properties, it looks like you are not testing with V7.8.0. On this version, they added a Scrollbar Width (pixels) entry between the “Touch Screen Enabled” and “Active on Startup” selections.

Anyway, I’m thinking it is a bug for Inductive Automation to look at.

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Well, I feel pretty stupid right now, I did upgrade my Ignition to 7.8 but I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that I’m connecting to work Ignition and that one is still on version 7.7.
I tried what you said on 7.8 and you are correct sir, looks like a bug in 7.8 version. Sorry for wasting your time :blush: :open_mouth:

[quote]The only component that stopped working after the upgrade from V7.7.3 to V7.8.0 is the text area component.[/quote]That component had a problem with evaluating the touchscreen permissions. It’s been fixed in 7.7.7 and I believe that fix is ported over to 7.8.1 (if not, it will be for 7.8.2).