Touch Screen Numberpad Issue

I am having an issue where the touch screen mode number pad won’t come up for a table when clicked on by a user. All of the other tables in my project work fine, with the exception of this one (touchscreen mode is turned on for the project). However, I cannot find anything different about this one table and replacing the table doesn’t correct the issue. I also checked the root container and window settings, but all are identical as far as I can tell.

Is the Touchscreen Mode property set to Automatic? Is it getting overridden by a binding or script somewhere?

It is indeed set to automatic, and there isn’t anything in scripting that should interfere with that property.

I figured out the issue. I was generating one of the columns through a script, not manually. For whatever reason, doing this corrupted the table’s settings and disabled the touchscreen mode. I cleared the column attributes data and manually setup the table, and now it works correctly.