Touch screens and Event Handler

i have an app with touch screen clients. the touch screens appear to function properly but they seem to have a problem with Event Handler links. I have many of these links to call pop-up type displays. on the touch screen i do not get the pop-ups but if i use a remote connection from my laptop to the client using VNC the links work fine.
i have had some success getting the pop-up to appear if i use a double tap but this is even only about 50% effective.
Has anyone experienced this before? is there an additonal configuration i am missing?
Thanks for any help.

If you’ll be using touch screens then try to use the mousePressed event instead of the mouseClicked event. In my experience the mouseClicked event doesn’t work very well with most touch screens.

Thanks, that is good to know.
I am not at customers location today but will try tomorrow and report back what i found.

Just wanted to say - Duffanator’s right. :smiley: