Touch Screens for Ignition?

I was curious if anyone has used a stand alone touch screen that they really liked with Ignition. I’m trying to find a good Class 1 Division 2 panel mount touch screen to update a system off older equipment onto Ignition.

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We have had great success with these

We order with 8 GB ram, solid state HDD and Windows 7 64Bit

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Take a look at

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You owe it to yourself to check out Maple Systems, they have a wide selection and very cost effective.

Thanks for the feedback!

If you are looking for separate monitor from the PC, check out

I’ve used a couple of different vendors for industrial PCs. I’m about to try this one for the first time.

It’s using Intel’s NUC technology, which seems perfect for HMI.

This thread is a year old, but I thought I would add my experience to maybe help someone down the road.

I have been using small fanless industrial computers from Logic Supply (as suggested above) with great success for the past year. They are very small, no moving parts, and the case is a nice heat sink. You can spec them with DIN rail or VESA mounts, auto power on (great for power outage recovery), and Windows 10 IOT which eliminates some of the annoying auto updates. They are not very powerful (Pentium/Celeron), but don’t need to be to run Ignition clients and have run any HMI application I have thrown at them easily.

I pair them with Atlas industrial touchscreens from AutomationDirect.
Atlas Industrial Touchscreen Monitors

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