TouchScreen Input Keypad or Keyboard

Hey… I have to say… I love the software…
The only problem that I am having, is since most people want touchscreens, is there a way that you can put an INPUT cell, and when you touch it, it brings the KEYPAD or the KEYBOARD…



In project properties which is accessible from the designer under project menu there is a setting in the client tab to enable touch screen mode for the project.

There is also a scripting function which will enable it on the fly which may suit if you only want particular clients to have touch screen mode enabled only.


Thaks, but does this gives me a touch pad with number to put the input data… if so how do you do it?


if you enable touch screen mode by either method I posted before then whenever you touch a component that take entry such as numeric text field then the keypad will popup and you can enter a value. I believe you need to run the client to see this happen


aidamcg is correct. Enable touchscreen mode in the project properties and then launch the client.