Touchscreen Input

Can you add position arguments to the showNumericKeyboard and showTouchscreenKeyboard functions? It seems the they open at the bottom of the window, but if the bottom of the window is off screen and the keyboard is off the screen then you’re stuck, you can’t do anything.

Yeah, how about we just check to make sure that its not off the screen, adjusting it if necessary?

How about opening them in respect to the application window? That way it should always open in the same location and won’t be off the screen. Still think an optional argument might come in handy though.

Wait, it does open in respect to the window - and thats the problem, you’ve got the window off the screen, right? Now I’m confused…

Yes, that is the problem.

When I said application window, I was talking about the FactoryPMI application window.

Gotcha - yeah, it could allign to that. Although, one could argue that the screen is safer - someone could just as easilly move the app off the screen as move an interior window below the app’s visible area.

Don’t worry - we’ll get it working one way or another

Perfect, no more sleepless nights. :wink:

Does this only happen in full screen exclusive mode?

EDIT: nevermind, it happens in windowed mode too

This is fixed in 3.0