Touchscreen keyboard doesn't popup for Easy Chart time range

When running in touchscreen mode, a screen keyboard pops up when text and numeric components get focus. The Easy Chart widget has a “Selected date range” text input box that does not cause this keyboard to appear. I’m assuming it supposed to, since the cursor changes to the usual “text edit” cursor. As such, there’s no way to enter a value for this range when using a touchscreen, other than dragging and resizing the slider beneath it.

You’re right - thanks for the heads up. We’ll get this fixed for the next release.

In the meantime if this is causing problems for you, you can work around it. Switch the easy chart from historical mode to manual mode, drop your own touchscreen-enabled date picking components on the screen, and bind the easy chart’s start end end dates to your own date picking components. Unfortunately the problem that you’ve discovered is actually a problem of the date range component (not the easy chart), so you’d have to use a pair of calendar popups or something for this workaround.