Touchscreen Keyboard Input Script Parameters

I’m looking for an example of correct syntax to specify “initial text”, “font size”, and “password mode” when using this function:
system.gui.showTouchscreenKeyboard(initialText [, fontSize] [, passwordMode])
String initialText - The text to start the on-screen keyboard with.
int fontSize - The font size to display in the keyboard. [optional]
boolean passwordMode - True (1) to activate password mode, where the text entered isn’t echoed back clear-text. [optional]

This works fine:
value1 = system.gui.showTouchscreenKeyboard(event.source.text)

…But I’m not able to successfully specify the parameters as described. Thank you for any example.

What version of Ignition?


This works for me in 8.0.10. I don’t have a way to test on 8.0.16, but it should work the same.

	"Here is some Initial Text",

Thank you! Works perfectly.