Touchscreen Mode on bound tag property on popup

I have noticed a problem with Touchscreen mode on a Text Field on a Popup in Vision
When the on-screen keyboard is used to edit the text field, the value in the text field is updated, but the underlying bound property is not updated. (Yes I have Bidirectional selected).

i.e. Open the popup, edit the text field using the touchscreen keyboard and it looks like it is changed. Close and re-open the popup and the text field value is restored to the original value.
I have tried various methods of changing the focus etc and nothing seems to work.

typing via standard keyboard, the text field value and the underlying bound parameter value ARE changed.

bound property is an Indirect Tag of the form {1}/Parameters.Description
where {1} = Root Container.Tag::Meta.TagPath

I had noticed this in V8.0 and had ignored it but now need touchscreen mode to work - anyone have any ideas?

What happens if you use the actual keyboard? Do you see the same behavior?

Have you enabled tag editing permissions? It can be found in the Project Properties under Vision. Also, what version are you using? I tested this on 8.1.13+ and it worked as expected.

As mentioned, using a typing on a standard keyboard works as expected.

Yes tag editing is enabled and running on V8.1.11

Did some more trials this morning.
It is actually a Text Area component (not Text Field) - we use multiple lines.

Turned off Defer Updates property on the Text Field and seems to work OK.

Odd though that this works from the real keyboard with Defer Updates on and not from the onscreen keyboard.

Thanks for confirming that David. That does align with our understanding of Defer Updates. Our Defer Updates functionality is to prevent keyboards from continuously writing to the Text Area, without the user controlling what gets applied.