Touchscreen status as part of project launch parameters

I want to have one project that works on both desktops as well as dedicated embedded touchscreens. Unless I am mistaken touch screen mode is a globally set parameter.

Can we have it so that touch screen mode is available in the launch menu on the gateway webpage? i.e. rather than just run as full screen and run as windowed, have also a run as full screen touch screen option?

It would be even better if this could be set through scripting (i.e. I can build a script that looks at the IP address and changes the mode dynamically as part of an auto login script)

My autologin script works great by the way… thanks for the help!

Search this in the manual may help:



Used system.gui.setTouchscreenModeEnabled(1)

Feels good to be able to help once in awhile, and not be the one seeking help. :smiley:

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