Touchscreen with Vision

I have a touchscreen on Windows 10 and I have push buttons in my ignition application however I cannot push them with my screen. If I touch and than drag a across it registers and the button presses. I know other user’s have asked about using touch on Windows 10 before. I have already setup my touch settings to emulate mouse, i.e. when I press it clicks and holds until I release. I have verified it works like this in the rest of windows but ignition won’t recognize a click until I drag my finger. Any Ideas on how I can fix this?

Ignition Version?

What is the hardware? We just did a project and had issues with touch… Dell PC and Advantech FPM. We had to install a different touch driver. I recommend looking at other drivers. The two I’m familiar with most are eGalax and Penmount.

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Not exactly sure. I can see it uses an Atmel maXtouch Digitizer. If I find the device in device manager it is just called “HID-compliant touch screen” there is no driver loaded for it. This seems like beating around the bush, considering the touch capabilities works everywhere else besides ignition.

This shouldn’t be hard to find out. What brand is it? Who/where did you buy it from?

There is, but to my point, probably not the best one.

What is everywhere? All of the things in Windows? :slight_smile:

I have yet to not get a touchscreen to work, but I almost always need to install a driver, instead of using what came with the hardware/software. Example, if you do a jog or something that requires a long press, most everything out of the box a long press will trigger right click event. This is just something you will need to deal with.

You could also not use Windows 10, which is garbage. I think I would rather use Vista. :slight_smile:

Everywhere as in, in Chrome, in FT, in other HMI software platforms. I am currently evaluating platforms and this is the only one that has issues.

Oh, then you should stick to FT. :slight_smile:

I like ignition, that is why I am here trying to leave FT. Just trying to make it work with our hardware.

What kind of touch event are you checking for in Ignition? We are running it on Windows 10 and have found drivers can be an issue, but have it working reliably using the mouse up event to check for touches.

I told you what to do, get a driver. It’s not uncommon to have issues with the multi gesture drivers installed. FT is based on Windows, so because you see no issues with FT isn’t a good comparison. Get with the manufacturer and see if they have a different driver, which is why I asked the question “what hardware”?

Right, These are custom Panels, I have contacted the supplier about acquiring alternate drivers. I will follow-up when I figure out what I am doing.

Just going to throw this out there. I’ve had zero issues using OnLogic Panel PCs. All of the touch and drag work just like I am using a mouse.

In all honestly I think you should try perspective. These issues completely go away with it and there are a huge amount of benefits. We have multi National companies using only perspective for all of their plants, including real time HMI Control, Monitoring & Reporting.

true as I am using them too, but if you plan on buying one now expect a several month backlog

Maybe try a different model. We just bought one a couple weeks ago

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Yes, certain Intel processors are in very short supply–probably some others too, but we’ve run into this issue with Intel Atom processors at other OEMs.

After reaching out to the hardware supplier, this is the response I got.

"The situation is caused by the way in which the Microsoft Windows Touch driver translates multi touch data (WM_TOUCH) into mouse data (WM_MOUSE) for applications which do not support WM_TOUCH yet.
This translation does not treat a touch of a finger as a left click right away because secondary functions are carried out with the touch screen such as gestures, drag, flicks and right click on hold.
Unfortunately the Windows Touch driver cannot be configured in a meaningful way. We are awaiting on an answer to see if it’s possible to switch the device into single touch mode.

WM_TOUCH capable applications or frameworks (e.g. Microsoft WPF, Adobe Air, Chrome,…) are not effected by this problem as they interpret the WM_TOUCH message themselves and decide how to react to this message on their own."

Based on this and further discussion with them, the problem is based on windows way of handling multi-touch screens, however on ignition’s end of things they could make their platform capable of handling WM_TOUCH messages.

I have seen similar behavior when putting a script in the “mouseClicked” handler. Screwing with some of the advanced settings on a ELO touchscreen driver makes it work but there is a better option that works with default driver configuration.

Move your script to “mousePressed” or “mouseReleased”. Hopefully that fix works in your situation.