Touchscreen with Windows 10 long pushbutton press

I have an issue with an Ignition application running on a Windows 10 touchscreen PC. The application has motor “jog” functions that require the pressing (and holding) of the button on the screen to allow the motor to move. When the button is pressed, Ignition does not acknowledge the keypress until about 3 seconds. In Windows 10, that is about the time that is default for a “right click”. We have disabled this function and still get the same result. Other buttons on the screen operate fine as “short click” functions (start, stop, etc.)

Any ideas? Has anyone seen this before?



As a note, using a mouse on the pc works fine.

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Adam did you get anywhere with this? We’re seeing strange problems with windows 10 too. Doesn’t seem to register mouse pressed events.


Are you using the Mobile module? Or some other application (TeamViewer/VNC/etc.)?