Tracking User Behavior to Influence Future Designs

We have several sites with Ignition deployed and we can see via session count that adoption is different based on location. Essentially what we can get through Ignition stock methods is Session count and in case of SSO sites, the number of distinct users.

As we evolve our designs going forward, in addition to talking to the users, it would be very beneficial to know how the users utilize the current systems, which are currently in vision. For example if we could know the amount of time each view is open, it may mean that some views are simply unnecessary and that other views which are heavily used are the most important and then focus on enriching the content of those.

I guess there are 2 target groups: to Inductive automation is this something which has been considered as part of the Ignition offering and to other Ignition users/developers have you ever created something like this for yourself, if so would you be able to share your experience?



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