TrackNow ticket management

The TrackNow project looks interesting.
Is there somewhere I can read reviews?

Hi @zacharyw.larson, we don't currently have a review or a rating system for Ignition Exchange resources. This is a feature we are looking to add in the future. All Exchange resources are free, so if you are interested in the resource we encourage you to try it out and see if it is a fit for your system.


I just downloaded TrackNow. I think I followed the setup properly, but when I launch it I get "View Not Found No view configured for this page."

I have never run a Perspective Project until trying to run this one, so it could be something I have done/not done. The QuickStart Project runs fine. If anyone knows how to help that would be appreciated.

I was able to get TrackNow working. I found this post by searching, and number 7 was what made it start working. I had to add a page with a blank /.

  1. The project must be a runnable project (if other projects inherit from this project, it is not runnable).
  2. There must be a configured Page (Click the Perspective context in the Project browser to bring up the Perspective “dashboard”, which is where you can configure Pages, if you didn’t already do so when creating the View). A configured page must include a valid url and a path to a View.
  3. By implication, there must be a View in place in the project.
  4. The project must have been saved after all of these conditions were met.
  5. If selecting “Launch Session”, I believe you must also have a Page configured which has a url of “/”; this is essentially the “home” or “landing” page of the project, which is the only location the Designer will open a session to.
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Can you please elaborate on how you were able to make this project work? Do I need to embed the /tickets view?