Training or tutorials integrating Ignition with SAP/BAPI and Snowflake or Databricks

Is there some training or a practice I can do with a local gateway integrating to a temporary or demo SAP?

I have the same question with Snowflake preferably, but with Databricks is okay alternatively.

Cirrus Link Sepasoft should have something for their module.

Edit: Whoops! Sepasoft makes the SAP module.

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I found a workshop.

I want to connect to SAP outside of Sepasoft.

Install the web service and the business connector for sap and use it with regular ignition tag/script. No necessity to use OEE or other Sepasoft modules (but you should :))

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In Ignition, we can install a local database and local gateway to start trying things.

Does SAP have that kind of thing so that a user can test the connection on trials?