Tralation manager, add line break

Is ther a way to add line break in the translation manager?

I want to translate message with multiple lines.

I have used \n character on my translations successfully.

Have you do it in expression->translation or thru Translation manager? I already try \n in the translation manager and it doesn’t work for me…

I thought I had a working solution using the \n character, but after performing a quick test I couldn’t make it work.

What did work was using the <br /> tag like this.

Key: <html>This<br />is<br />a<br />test
Spanish translation: <html>Esta<br />es<br />una<br />prueba

>>> term = '<html>This<br />is<br />a<br />test'
>>> print system.util.translate(term, 'es')
<html>Esta<br />es<br />una<br />prueba

Maybe this might work for you.

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I have tried and it doesn’t work in the translation manager…

Ultimately, it’s going to depend on where the translation appears. If it’s going to appear some place that will display HTML, then @thecesrom’s solution is the way to go. (Note – you may not need the <html> tag at the start.)

Otherwise you can try the \n line break, which might work and might not.

How did you set up translations on Translation Manager, and where do you want to see your translations?

Maybe we could start there.

Please share.

I use terms as key in the translation manager.

I juste want to be able to use it in a label and want to control the break line.

Found this topic that might shed some light on the problem you’re facing.

This worked for me in Vision when I put an <html> tag in front and a <br> in the middle: <html>Fin de course haut +<br>extraction manuel