Trane Controller Connectivity Issues

I am new to Ignition to say the least. I’ve configured it, set up a SQL connection, and everything is working as it should. However, we have a new chiller system that was installed recently (Trane BAS-SVX31R-EN Tracer® SC System Controller Model Number: BMSC000AAA011000). The Trane technicians really have no idea how we should be connecting to this device. First they mentioned Modbus, then BACnet. I have access to their SC software portal if that helps. Does anyone have experience with pulling data from Trane chillers? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You’d have to use middleware in the form of a different OPC UA server you connect to ignition. Whatever OPC server speaks BAC. Keepware does. Ignition doesn’t have a driver for BAC yet. If you wanted to use MODBUS you could. Plenty of posts on here to get you going on that.

Thanks wking. Trane is having issues figuring out how to enable the Modbus TCP settings, so I will continue to work with them on that and resort back to middleware. Thank you for your quick response.

There is a BAC driver in the works from my understanding. Maybe @Kevin.Herron can shed light…

Some people like modbus. I sure don’t

until then page 9 :

We’re planning to work on BACnet sometime after the Omron FINS driver but it’s not in progress yet.

Modbus would be ideal right now.