Trane Tracer SC to Red Lion Protocol converter to Ignition issues

This is kind of a general question that incorporates many systems. I think we have it mostly figured out up until the ignition side of it.

So we have a trane tracer controller that is sending 16 bit reals to ignition through a protocol converter (BACNet TCP to Modbus TCP). Communications are set up and ready.

The issue we are having is that the data that comes from the tracer comes into ignition wildy different. I think our issue (or one of our issues) is the datatype in ignition. Ignition doesn’t have 16 bit reals. The closest I have found are BCDs but that didn’t work out.

Does anyone know of a way of getting 16 bit decimal values in ignition?

BACnet doesn’t have 16-bit reals either. Are you sure it’s not a 16-bit integer that’s supposed to be scaled or something like that? Or a 32-bit value spanning 2 registers in the Modbus map?

Thanks Kevin, yes I had that wrong.

We ended up figuring it all out and I figured I would update this with out solution for future issues.

  • The Tracer unit and Ignition like their data order opposite of each other. In the Red Lion you can change the order of the Reals from “Low to High” to “High to Low” in under the protocol tab.

-We also had issues with the first register of each Modbus section. We were pulling data into HRF1 but the red lion was already sending garbage data through so it was multiplying or something in Ignition with our data. We bumped up the register to start on 40003 and it worked.

I guess this is more of an “Ignition-adjacent” issue but I figured I would go ahead and update since it was here. Thanks again Kevin for helping me with that first misunderstanding I had.