Transaction Block Group Item Pattern Wildcards

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there was any way to allow for multiple wildcard entries into the Group Item Pattern Address template?

I have [test]Global.PC_DL{??}.PC_DL00[0] with range 0 - 100

But I would like to be able to increment further with [test]Global.PC_DL{??}.PC_DL{??}[0]

Both to have same or different ranges.

Is this possible?


Sorry, it’s not currently possible. It’s conceivable that for the next major version of the SQL Bridge module we could make this more dynamic, where it detects any number of patterns, and then displays editors for each below.

In the mean time, I would do the following:

  1. Make the block item list based instead of range.
  2. Add a few values.
  3. Export to XML, and find the line that defines one of the values.
  4. Parameterize that line, and use python to print that out a bunch of lines with the values you want.
  5. Paste those into the XML and reimport it.

I’ve done stuff like this a number of times inside of Ignition, from the script playground, or by just throwing a button on a screen. Specifically, for your example, this would generate 10 values:

p = """<String>[test]Global.PC_DL%02d.PC_DD%02d[0]</String>""" for i in range(0,10): print p%(i,i)

Hope this helps,

Cheers Colby,

I exported out and used Excel to rejig.

Yet to get my head around Python… :confused:

Hi, @Colby.Clegg , is it possible to use multiple {?} to indicate mutiple placeholder in Version 8.0.2 now?