Transaction Block Groups

I need some help with the Transaction Block Group.

Shown above, I have a Standard Group transaction set up and have it working without any issues.

Now, rather than having a Standard group for each Bin, it makes sense for me to have a Transaction Block Group.

I drag and drop the Tags into the Group Transaction, but when I run the group, I only get true false values.
My guess is the Update/Select does not have anything in it so it is just returning true/false.

Is it possible for the Transaction Group to do this? If so, can someone point me in a direction to achieve this?

When you set this up, each Item will represent a column in the table.

Let say you were wanting to record multiple bins at once, presumably under the ENABLED item you would add a reference to each bins ENABLED tag. This would continue for each value that you are collecting for the bins.

In this case you have configured the ENABLED item as string, but in reality it should be a boolean item. The assumption is that each tag in a Block item will be of the same type, which is why they are all showing true.

You still need multiple items.

Find info for and an example of a Block Group in the manual.

So these will grab the Columns but not the Rows?

Which is fine, just will need to plan accordingly.

Each Item becomes a column in the table, each tag under the item becomes a row in that column.

Just so I am interpreting this correctly. It goes Column first, then Rows of that Column.

Meaning if I have multiple columns, I would need to have each Block setup for every column in the DB table?

That is correct, for a Block Group, each Block Item represents a Column in the table, and each Tag added to that item represents a row.

So for instance you would need an individual item for Eanbled, Item_Desc, Item_ID, Lot_ID, Pri, Sec, Source_Desc, Source_ID, Wgt.

Under each of those Items, you would add the Bin Unique tag for that Item. So if you have 3 Bins, then You would have Bin_1.Enabled, Bin_2.Enabled, Bin_3.Enabled as tags in the Enabled Item.

Thank you for the help!