Transaction group and table basic learning

I made a table with my transaction group.

I removed all the things in the table to replace them.

The values that populate my table seem to be from the initial tags.

I have disabled and saved, enabled and saved. The new tags do not seem to replace the old ones.

So now I want to delete that table.

How do I delete that table? (so I can make it over again)

DROP TABLE table_name ;

found it on the w3school thing

execute this pseudo sql query

drop table <tablename>

be very careful when using this and make sure you type in the correct table name etc. When you drop a table, it truncates the data first then drops the table, so if you drop a table by accident I don’t think you can reverse it.


I posted in features feedback a request that executing drop table would just rename the table the 7 days, and then delete it after that

so we could have 7 days of grace before we lose a database on a typo or something

ALTER TABLE table_name
RENAME TO new_table_name
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Ignition has nothing to do with how drop table works, it only uses a driver to execute the query on the database. As @JordanCClark points out, you can just alter the table name, but if you don’t need it, it will still need to be dropped at some point.