Transaction Group Assistance-Download of values into array

Please give me some advice on how to make a transaction work as I have visualized.

I have a database which is vertically oriented, with 4 columns that together form a unique combination
(Station, PartNumber,PartFamily, and ID)., in addition to the values associated with the unique combination
I have an array in my PLC, with the PLC array having ID, values.

I’d like to be able to trigger a transaction that matches the 3 tags of station, part number, part family, for all rows, then matches id for specific array elements; ie array[0].id=1, so give me the value where select part number=part number tag and part family=part family tag and station=station tag and id =id tag.
I’ve tried as a block and as a standard transaction, but the select on ID value is the part I can’t figure out.
Is this a possible thing or do I need to look at a different approach?

When trying as a standard transaction, I do update/select on the partfamily= part family tag, partnumber=part number tag, and station=station tag.
I think a block is the better way to do what I want, but I haven’t had luck with that either.
I’m using 8.1.5, but I can update if needed, this is a test box.
When I execute the transaction I can get the first matching row to work, but not the next ones, which gives me a write target does not exist message.

Transaction groups, IMO, work best in a wide format vs a tall one. I’d probably script this one, if it stays in the db as a block.

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This may or may not be the “best” solution, but it worked for what I was trying to do; based on what Jordan said.
I defined a named query to do a select based on station and part number.
I then created a library script that gets passed a station, part number, and a base tag reference to my structure of values, which is 20x UDT instances named Value00-Value19.
It would work for a larger set, and it doesn’t do bounds checking to see if you have too many values in the dataset vs the number of tags you have. Finally, it does a blocking tag write.

The library script:
def RecipeDownload(BasePath,Station,PartNumber):
#This will do a select on the recipe table for the given station and part number.
#It will then write the Station Recipe Value structures.
#Nothing will be written in the event of an empty set except for the handshake
params = {“Station”:Station, “PartNumber”:PartNumber}
data = system.dataset.toPyDataSet(system.db.runNamedQuery(“GetRecipeValues”, params))
for row in data:
newpaths=[BasePath+’/Value’+str(i).zfill(2)+"/ID" #i is index, zfill pads to 2 digits
#end of the dataset
#Write Handshake of 20 at end of script

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